Iron ore 435 rose 8.5, coke 1406.5 rose 5.5, hot volume 2936 fell 84; stock index fell 0.45% to close 3091.656, the price of hot rolled coil increased, raw iron ore,

Weekend billet accumulated 50, this open business mentality instability, lower mainstream resources. Snail, hot volume after the opening fell sharply, down as high as 100 yuan, the market panic mentality intensified, intraday steel spot prices continued to fall, down 40-80. With the arrival of resources have increased, pre-tight specifications on the role of support for the growing weakening of the spot high callback is also expected. Futures fell sharply is to accelerate the rate of steel spot down, in the high temperature and rainy weather approaching, the spot will continue to pressure. For the late trend, businesses are not optimistic, fears increased. Afternoon steel blanks drop 80 to 2950 tax, the mainstream is still wait and see, individual speculation goods, pre-open continued weak trend, depending on

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Time : 2020-09-25
Futures fell sharply to accelerate the spot rate of steel spot reduction