Steel prices have fallen to the present situation, and the most we do not want the situation, often become the most practical situation. Since the price has come to the author mentioned in the article before the 2,800 yuan / ton of another key point, then the market really a chicken feast it?

The international geopolitical factors warming is a big promoter, saying that North Korea continue to test missiles, US aircraft carriers continue to cruise, Korea and Japan continue to tense, China continues to plague, Russia continues to play soy sauce, to see who came to the end, and the global financial markets stirred upside down , Safe-haven asset heating, gold and silver benefit, risk assets represented by copper as the bulk have been suppressed.

And the fact is to move closer to this argument, Trump government how to achieve 3% growth target is not yet clear. On the Chinese side, there may be a need for more large-scale reforms around the nineteenth year, which could drag China's growth rate and continue to consume industrial metals at the pace that the market has become accustomed to.

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Time : 2020-09-25
Steel prices plunged into a foregone conclusion when it would rise
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